How to use your PC keyboard on your Android Phone?

Hi Everyone!

Today I will show you how to use your PC keyboard on Android Phone.


  1. PC
  2. Working WiFi connection (internet not required)
  3. Android Phone

Here are the steps:

  1. Install Remote Keyboard by Onyxbits on your Android phone.
  2. Install Putty Telnet Client on your PC.
  3. Open Remote Keyboard. Select it as default keyboard.
  4. Open Putty Client.
  5. Enter Host and Port as shown on Remote Keyboard in respective fields in Putty.
  6. Choose connection type as Telnet.
  7. Press Open.
  8. A window will appear and you are connected.
  9. Open any text field on your phone and use your PC to type.


  • Both PC and Phone must be connected to same WiFi network.
  • Whenever you type in Putty window, text will be sent to Phone.
  • Minimise Putty to type in computer.


  • Fast  typing
  • And it is cool

If you have any problem during this procedure, let me know via comments

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