Join by Joaoapps

Hi Everyone!
Today, I will talk about Join in detail. It has many cool features which we will explore. Before that just watch this video.

How was the video? Cool, right!?

Before we begin, I want to tell you that it is available on almost all platforms, namely Android ,Chrome extension ,Windows 10 app(paid)web , and has API which is very useful.

Some of the basic features are

  • Transferring web pages across devices
  • Clipboard sharing among devices
  • Sending SMS or calling from PC
  • Taking screenshots
  • Locating and ringing devices
  • Sharing files from PC

Some of more advanced features are

  • It records screen of your Android, uploads on your Drive and instantly download on PC. This feature is so cool, I was amazed by it. This feature is known as Toggle Screen Capture.
  • You can send Tasker commands to Android and send EventGhost commands to PC.

All of those who don’t know about Tasker and EventGhost, they are apps which helps in automating your devices. They are event driven i.e. if event A happens, then execute following set of commands.

Explore Tasker , EventGhost and Join, I will be back with super cool uses of these apps.

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