Apps that connect your PC and Android

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Today I will talk about various apps that help in connecting Windows with Android.

All the apps are very good and the ranking is random. Continue reading “Apps that connect your PC and Android”


How to use your PC keyboard on your Android Phone?

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Today I will show you how to use your PC keyboard on Android Phone.


  1. PC
  2. Working WiFi connection (internet not required)
  3. Android Phone

Here are the steps:

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How to get Android Nougat in Redmi 2 Prime [2014818]

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Today I am going to explain you how to get latest version of Android on your Redmi 2 Prime (India Version) [Model 2014818]. This phone is also known as wt88047. I too have Redmi 2 Prime, and yes it is awesome, and I can guarantee you that this is totally working. Your Internal or External Storage will not be formatted, only app data.

Android N or Nougat will be installed but as a custom ROM. You will get CyanogenMod 14 which is again very cool ROM. Continue reading “How to get Android Nougat in Redmi 2 Prime [2014818]”

How to flash Custom Recovery on an Android Phone?

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In recent years, we have seen a tremendous rise in number of smartphones and, as we know, most of them are Android. The basic reason behind large share of Android is because it’s open source and has a large amount of apps. It is also very friendly to developers as we have seen as in case of Nexus which came with unlocked bootloader. There are various things you can do on Android if you have root access and custom recovery installed on your phone. Some of them are changing MAC address, changing IMEI, installing Dolby Atmos, using custom ROMs and a plethora of features. Continue reading “How to flash Custom Recovery on an Android Phone?”